Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Voltron Paladin Pidge - Day 01

So I've flushed hours of my life on Pinterest, scoping out different things necessary for this project.
Today, I've purchased the spandex and the patterns I need to make the top and bottom of the jumpsuit. I decided that because the costume is "cut in half" by a belt that wearing a jumpsuit would be unnecessary and uncomfortable. I did that for my Halo cosplay...but that was when I was younger and more foolish. Look, PANTS.

I was planning on making just a turtleneck shirt and pants then draw on the seam lines. But then I was like...wait...those are Princess Seams. Those are seams used for a SLIMMING effect. In order for that shirt to be FITTED AF, it'd have to be real princess seams. And if using seams for the shirt, I can't just do regular leggings. It took some snooping but I found a good patter. I'm gonna SHARE because I'm NICE like that.

The ones I'm using personally are these McCall's Activewear patterns:
I picked these patterns because I didn't feel like using my printer paper. You can see my rabbit hole of pin research on this board:
I did also buy the PDF pattern for the Sloan pants...I'm using the waistband media pocket idea...because that's brilliant!

So. Phase 1 will begin once all my supplies are delivered. We'll have a turtle neck fitted shirt and gloves plus leggings with added stirrups.

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