Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brainstorm: Egg

I'm not sure what I will do with this idea. It may become a game or it may become a comic or novel. Probably a comic. It'll be fun.

A world growing inside an egg that is almost ready to hatch. Such a process that will change the structure and peoples dwelling/growing on it.

Terra-Angels are human like beings with feathered wings. Within the embryo world of the egg, Terra-Angels can fly regardless of their wing-span. The size of wings denotes the greatness of heart which can grow or shrink throughout the course of life. Terra-Angels may look masculine or feminine, but they have no sex and can not reproduce. The egg world has merely been producing them. However, it has been a long time since the birth of a Terra-Angel...which means the world is about ready to hatch...which will change the appearance and everything they know to be true.

There are 7 eldest Terra-Angels. They were the first 7 to be born and as such were given authority. Their role is shepherd-like since the world is abundant there is no need to regulate. The youngest of the 7 is also a prophet. She has been hearing the birth pangs of the world. The 7 elders have to prepare the rest of the "children" for the birth of the new world. Change is never easy. Some of the Eldest are reluctant to accept the change. The Eldest are split into 2 factions...there is only one who sides with neither.

The seven eldest are named after the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Wisdom is the first born. She is robed in light. Her wings are white, hair is white and eyes are white. (Reason: What to believe)

Knowledge (Reason: How to Act) is the second born. He is robed with earth. His wings, hair and eyes are brown.

Counsel is the third born. (Right Judgment) She is robed with cloud. Her wings and hair are grey. Her eyes are clear blue.

Fortitude is the fourth born. (Courage). He is robed with flame. His wings and eyes are gold. His hair is blond.

Understanding is the fifth born. (Common Sense). She is robed with forest. Her wings are brown. Her hair is black. Her eyes are green.

Piety is the sixth born. (ability to worship God). He is robed in water. His wings are white. His hair is black. His eyes are blue.

Wonder is the youngest. The seventh born. (Fear of the Lord). She is robed in flowers and stars. Her hair is red. One wing is white and the other is gold. One eye is honey-brown and the other is blue. She is a prophet.

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