Monday, July 21, 2008

Literary Process - Eggworld

Last night I spent more time brainstorming on my "Egg World" story and have sketched out three basic "Acts" or chapters to draw.

Act 1: is the Creation story and events leading up to the "hatching".
The 7 Eldest divide into factions over the sayings of the youngest who is a prophet.

Act 2: is the beginning of civilization that happens immediately after the hatching.
The faction still exists so there is the first war.

Act 3: is the beginning of domestic trouble.
There are no more factions but their is one Eldest who feels left out of the group.
We have our first affair! :D

So far I've only conceptualized the 7 eldest characters. (They're not even developed yet.)
I still need to flesh out a few new characters to add.

And I need a new title. Eggworld is stupid. That's just a working title.
Let's brainstorm some new titles based on themes in the story so far.
Themes: Birth, Origins, Eldest, Wonder, Hatching
Title Ideas: Seven (it was the name of an old, old comic concept I had with the 7 archangels.)
The Eldest
Seven Elders
Wonders Origin
Origin Wonders

I like Seven so's kind of cryptic.
the Eldest is the name of a terrible book.
Wonders Origin is okay.
Hatchlings is lame, yet descriptive.

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