Thursday, June 8, 2017

I'm sewing ponies again

I'm the worst at updating. But summer's coming and for some reason that seems to be getting me into my creative groove again.

So I think it's almost been a year but I'm still working on my Pony OC plushies. I'm happy to say that I've finished the first "body" of a pony. She still needs a mane and tail, but here's Willow Wisp.

The wings are velcroed on so I can interchange them with open wings. The eyes and cutie marks were hand embroidered. ...Yeah...I have to find a better way to do that. 

And luckily  I think I have. I found a video that suggested printing on felt which is something I may try. (I did an experiment on batting and it worked decently well.) Which will help speed up the process on other ponies. Seriously, hand embroidering make-up eyes...So much work. 

I've taken apart my old Rough Edges pony and recut him in proper minky. He's the other one I had nearly finished but now I have to start over with. :P 

Also new is I decided to make a GIANT lifesize plushie or two based on a laying down pattern. I got one head done. 
It's flarkin' huge. BUT I learned a NEW technique for eyes using applique methods and oddly enough it's a bit easier when the pattern is bigger. I need to fix the head a bit because it's too oblong/back heavy. Luckily, I know how to correct this. (I also put one of the eyes in a bad spot. I hope to adjust and fix how that looks too...but it might be trickier.)

The head should give a good indication for about how big the darn thing will be. I will have 2 ponies at this size. A Stallion and a Mare. 

I hope to correct the stallion head and get started on the body this weekend. And maybe one day I'll finally bust out my airbrush and put the 5 o'clock shadow on the other stallions I have planned. Wish me luck!

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