Thursday, June 8, 2017

Voltron Paladin Pidge - Day 00 I've spent awhile in the ol' planning phase for this. And in that time some of the folks I enjoy watching on YouTube have made builds.
EvilTed also provided a (currently) free pattern for the helmet. >_> Which I've downloaded along the with the other one I purchased. -_- Just my luck right? promised back in March I made lots of doodles and plans. Other than Evil Ted and Punished Props I've tried to avoid YouTube tutorials. While I like guidance on some things, I always want to figure it out myself first. 

Helmets I've never had luck least no luck finishing. I've had my Inquistor helmet patterned for years but no motivation to finish it. :( Poor Dalish Inquisitor and DA:I Alistair. You shall be avenged...I mean completed. Just Not today. 

BING one of my "pre-reqs" for starting this costume was to lose weight. The good news is I made my first goal of getting down to 150 lbs. Goal 2 is getting down to 145 lbs. I should meet that by the end of the month if I stop eating these cookies I baked. (I am my own worst enemy.) I have noticed clothes fitting better and my tummy not sticking out as much. Mostly dieting now, but soon I suppose more exercise will be needed. 

I was also at JoAnn's not long ago and gazing dreamily at the cosplay fabric section. They do have stretch vinyl in white. But I was not there for costume fabric...but plushie fabric. I have to stay focused. 

My creative gears shift a LOT and randomly. Which is why I surround myself with so many projects. They take forever to finish but it is currently how I work. It's not the best and I wouldn't recommend it but the ebb and flow of my creativity and distractions has been fluctuating wildly. 

The post is also starting to here are the sketches. Feel free to borrow from them or improve them. They're just sloppy break-downs of how the armor looks in the show. And also a frustration with the mother-ducking arm armor. DAMN YOU CARTOON LOGIC!!!

My first sketches. The arm joins already a mystery.

Under Armor, lots of messy notes, first idea for the elbow joint. Later abandoned.

More on the arm based on screenshots. Still WTF about the elbow. Also shopping list.

These are rough and I'll probably be refining them to be of better use. I feel rather impressed by my idea for the shoulder pads. Thanks to my 80's instincts. :P
Actually most of the "colored" joints I plan on attaching directly too the under armor. Which should in turn help support the other armor pieces.

The main material planned is EVA foam wrapped in stretch vinyl. But plans can change. ;) Until later...toodles!

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