I'm on YouTube now!

If anyone follows this...great. I'm proud to announce that I've restarted my YouTube channel and will be dedicating it to project development! Largely it will feature cosplay sewing tutorials, lots of my costume analysis, and speed draws with encouraging messages.

Head to Modesty Studio YouTube for more cool stuff and updates.

This blog will be here to support content on the YouTube channel. So there'll be more project updates...in theory. :P

Also BIG news. I got 2 new sewing machines!!!!!

Check out my new babies!
My new serger (overlock) machine

Sewing/Embroidery machine!!! 
I'm so thrilled to get these. I can finally start in on more pony plushies and make embroidered patches for things! Also my seams will be much neater and more professional with the serger. (It also RUFFLES THINGS AAAAAHHHH! So excited!)

Check out the first video here!


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