Thursday, June 6, 2013

Costume progress and DISTRACTIONS!!!

Gally Costume

The boots came in the other day and they fit! BUT, they don't quite come up to my knee like I'd hope they would. However, they're awesome boots that double as high calf boots and ankle boots. Convertible boots man! 
I plan on putting on the whole costume this weekend and hopefully getting a few pictures. 

Halo Armor

I think my cutting hand has recovered. Now guessed it, MORE CUTTING. This time into the foam we go. 
I think I'm going to start with a small piece, the hand plates before trying something larger. I need to figure out angled cuts and so on. 

Note to self: Download Pepakura VIEWER onto the laptop and transfer the scaled versions for reference. 
(Currently I only have the program on my desktop.) 


So I got a little sidetracked while resting my hand to play with the Dragon Age Toolset. It started a love-hate relationship all over again. I spent the past 2 days trying to reskin models, edit models and then full on retexturing. 
So my little side project has become trying to make new underwear models...because I wanted more modesty in the game. :3 So far I've got 4 new things for guys and potentially 4 new things for women. 

I went with 4 styles of historical undies: Roman subligaculum, Drawers for men/Bloomers + corset for women, union suits for both, and finally modern sport bra/compression shirt. 

And of course I went overboard and wanted to do these with already modded nude body models, as well as the defaults. ...I still need to edit the default models too. :( Otherwise it just looks like I applied textures wrong on the models. though will be a halo day FIRST.

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