Friday, June 7, 2013

Halo Armor Day 5

I managed to pull myself away from 3D modeling and texturing for awhile to get some work done on the halo armor.

I'm currently cutting out the foam patterns and gluing them together. Already, I've burnt myself a couple times. Hot glue is really hot...who knew?

Anyboo...I managed to get the hand plates and most of the belt glued together. I'm learning as I go unfortunately so the seams aren't pretty and neither are the edges. :/ Luckily I found my sharp scissors this morning so maybe going forward the edges will be slightly cleaner. :3

Butt piece, codpiece, side bits and those tiny things are for my hands.
So the foam is thicker than I thought so luckily a lot of the teeny-tiny pieces of the pattern won't fit so I don't have to hurt myself doing that.

I think I'm going to be lining my armor pieces with a thinner foam for better fit and filling in gaps as they come...because heck, I'm REALLY not good at cutting clean edges with the tools I have.

I hope to finish the other parts of the belt tonight. Which I also have to figure out how I want it to attach. Velcro maybe?

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