Monday, June 23, 2014

Attack of the Visor Part 1

Today I did my bold experiment. I attempted my vacuum forming set up.

Here are the results.

As you can see it is indeed vaguely visor shaped. The buck held up very well. Here are the mistakes I made.

1) I left the plastic in the over too long. It got a bit stuck on things. In an effort to dislodge those things from the sagging plastic, things got screwy. 

2) The vacuum still doesn't have enough pull so it did not suction around the buck. 

3) In my vain attempt to reheat and try again, things got very thin and papery. 
On the plus side, it takes color very well and I can still see through it. 

Also everything is the right size for working. So it's a good thing I already have another sheet of plastic on the way. I've learned from these mistakes. And we were CLOSE. 

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