Monday, June 23, 2014

Progress by inches

So I did do some smaller bits for my costumes although they're not done yet.

Gloves: Pattern cut and pinned
Sleeve: Pattern cut and pinned
Pants: Pattern cut and sorta pinned
Bandeau: Pattern cut

I attempted to do a test of my vacuum forming set up. Sadly, Somethings didn't quite work right.
The vacuum works fine, but I didn't secure my plastic right. So my practice plastic curled up instead of sag down. So today I'm out to get another window frame.
I also ordered another sheet of PETG plastic just in case I screw up.
Today may be the big day I try to finally vacuum form the visor.

Tabard: Pattern cut

:) Yes. I finally, FINALLY did something with this project.
The next step would be to finally finish off the foam bases for the armor pieces. Just need to cut out the shoulder bits.

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