Thursday, June 12, 2014

Anticipation, then Results (soon to come)

So, my molds are ready for sanding and then...the great experiment can begin. To see if I can even get the vacuum forming to work. My vacuum may not have enough power to suck things down. So...but I did see a cheap 1 gallon shop vac at walmart for like $20. First I have to use what I have. I'll be testing things this weekend if everything goes as planned.

Here are my two molds so far.

Plaster Face

And Clay dish.

Clay dish I could use to make a new solid plaster buck. Plaster face I could actually use as my buck. I'll have to remember to pickup sandpaper today...and cat food. Poor Lucius is low.

Update: Dish Face has died. Long live plaster face. :P The clay dish fell apart, but the plaster mold held together very well and took some sanding work.

Also did a quick strength test with my vacuum, and indeed, I need to secure a small shop vac.

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