Friday, May 16, 2014

Mini-Progress Report + Research

My bank account is now in double digits, bills are high and I'm barely making enough at work, but I wanted to move forward with my costumes and I could not due to the finances. I got a little help from my parents to cover some bills and so I treated myself.

 I recently purchased the face mask, the heat gun, styrene, lycra fabric, netting, and black vinyl.

 I can actually progress on parts of the costumes that have been put on hold: namely helmets, certain pieces of the Warden Armor, Tali's arm armor.

Yesterday I did a practice run with one of my ideas for the Tali costume: make up. It turned out pretty good. Still needs some tweaking though. I have to get better at contouring my face. :B

Going for a mix of this:
and this:

And a bit of my own flair.

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