Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tali Helmet

The most challenging part of the costume build will be this helmet. It's unique design and large visor space are challenging to make look right without sacrificing quality. So most likely it will be the most expensive portion of the costume. It's also kind of an odd shape.

Here is one of my first sketches trying to figure out what the heck I wanted to do under the helmet. It's kind of tricky to see where things sit inside the helmet and if I have room for all the fun doo-dads I want to put in.
It's probably hard to see in this picture but I've taken into account that I will have the possibility of multiple battery packs in my face or in the costume somewhere. (Potentially 3 or 4 if I decide I need a fan).

I've seen helmets made with the Pepakura files and I may do the same but it will also be a chance to figure out how to make better patterns for myself. I really wanted to understand how the helmet fit and what did it look like without the hood on. Lucky me, I have the Mass Effect Art Book and good concept references. From these I made the color coded sketch. This time I had a better idea of where all my features where suppose to be. From this sketch, I made pattern pieces.
It's not perfect but it's a start. But it's something to work from. The material I will actually use is much thicker. So it won't look so floppy.
It's a little big I think...

Thick craft foam (3 mm - quarter inch) (own)
Corrugated pipe
Styrene (own)
Foam (for padding and stability) Own

Face Shield (own)
Tamiya purple tint paint (own)
Zip Ties (own)

Special Effects:
EL Wire, sound activated (ordered)
Voice changer (own)
Black light ?

Heat gun (own)
Hot Glue gun (own)
Electrical Tape (own)

Part 1: Visor

So much hate for the visor right now.  In my previous post, I detailed my struggle with the visor.

Part 2: Frame

A cap frame will allow me to craft the helmet's odd shape and still keep it on my noggin'. I used some of my practice styrene and taped them together. I also glued some poly form foam to add some padding.

Part 3: Mouth Piece

This is a part I can work on without the visor. Huzzah. I've already made a resin cast for the mouth piece. It still needs to be set in foam somehow. I may swap out the resin cast for the mold I used. It's a bit more transparent than the resin.

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