Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Interesting (not distraction) research and progress

I've been conducting research on various ways to give foam a hardened finish. Originally, I was going to go with Styrospray, but it's $30 a pop and I'm thinking there's got to be an easier/cheaper way. Here's some things I found as suggestions.

Bedliner - for trucks.
Durhams Water Putty*
Wood glue
Foam Coating

I managed to find the water putty at Home Depot today for like $2. Compared to the 30 dollar option it seems awesome. But this is also based on my "needs" for the costume. It doesn't need to be "battle ready" and I don't intend to play act in it. Just pose. ;) Also, I've never used the stuff before so it's a cheaper experiment really.

I've also sort of started experimenting of the chest piece for Alistair. ...It is trickier than I first anticipated. Also you'd think using a box cutter to cut boxes would be...I don't know...less of a hassle? Ah wells. I still intend to cut the heck out of the boxes that have been piled in my living room. (Also it was kind of an excuse not to take them out to the recycle bin. Because I'm lazy too tired at the end of the day. )

I hope to make the next "video" of foam cutting soon. Maybe this weekend.

Soooo...the water putty doesn't quite do the job I wanted it to do with the armor. The foam is too thin and flexible to make it something I'd want to seal in this way. I'll keep the water putty for something else...it may be that i didn't let it set long enough but I think I'm going to have to do what I did for my Halo armor and just use PVA Glue or Wood glue in several coats. I'll also try the plasti-dip (which I get at WalMart or Home Depot right by where I work.)

I took video of my foam cutting for the breast plate. I'll need to capture video on the griffon relief.

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