Thursday, February 6, 2014

Plan Update: DA2 Grey Warden Warrior

Grey Warden Warrior Armor

I've been doing a lot more research on materials lately for my grey warden armor and have been starting on pattern making for various parts. I'm going to list what I will be using as materials. Please note that these materials are attempting to also be a budgeted version of the armor. Seriously, I just saw someone else's cosplay and they made the scale-maille tabard. (Seeing that makes me want to give up because mine is INFERIOR!) Anyway, intimidation aside...they did say that the costume took 2 months and cost over $1000. -____- I do NOT have those funds on hand nor will I in the near future. I also have a lot less time in the day to work on such a project so it'll take more than two months I think. BUT, the person is a nice resource.

This is my "shopping" list currently. It is subject to change. Also I'm not necessarily purchasing the item I'm linking to, it could be just an example. I try to find things locally first unless online is cheaper. BUDGETING!

Okay, and there we go. Now there's something I must that my armor is not going to be as nice as the ones where the artist used higher quality materials. But I'm also going to do my best to make sure it doesn't look "cheap". And really this will come from how I pull this off.
Other Suggestions are certainly welcomed.

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