Thursday, February 13, 2014

Plan Update: Alistair Armor

Alistair's Armor

This is my current shopping list for Alistair's armor. It's subject to change and I will update it as needed.
yoga pants - owned
Boots - owned
Black/brown longsleeved shirt - owned?

Wefts of Yak hair/mohair undyed
Brown microsuede/flannel 2 yards

Armor pieces
Cardboard - owned
Foamies - owned
EVA foam - owned
flannel fabric/cotton- 1.5 yards? (owned?)
brown Pleather - 2 yards
brass studs
Suede (boot covers, mantle) - 1 yard

Belt - owned?
Leather Pouch - buy at ren faire
knife - owned
sword - owned
Gold cord - buy
Gold domed buttons?/Resin/gold - buy/make

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